Welcome to Carnival Plaza!

An  interactive music project inspired by the artwork “Carnival Plaza” by Dangiuz.
Designed as my graduation project, Carnival Plaza offers a unique experience, where the music dynamically adapts to your chosen setting of Darkness, Mystery, Greatness, and Action.

Carnival Plaza features a hybrid score, that combines traditional orchestral elements with modern electronic sounds and beats, creating a transcendent and captivating soundscape. Through the use of game-industry-standard tools like the game engine Unity and the audio middleware Wwise, the music seamlessly integrates with the interactive elements.

Download Carnival Plaza and embark on a journey that transcends boundaries, fusing art, technology and music into a harmonious symphony of creativity and innovation. Are you ready to step into the realm of limitless possibilities? The adventure awaits!

Conception | Composition | Programming

Julian Schwiebert

Artwork Design


UI Design

Luis Hamm


Download Carnival Plaza for Your mac or windows desktop computer!

Please keep in mind, that Carnival Plaza is an interactive composition for showcase purposes only and is protected under german copyright laws. It is not meant as a tool to help You create music for Your media format.

Feel free to listen to it as long as You want!

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