Heaviness & Hopes Session

Strings Arrangement

The Heaviness & Hopes Session
is a project that came to life in early 2022. Within this endeavor, my Cologne-based band, Molass, where I contribute as a Bass Guitarist and Bass Synthesizer player, engaged the talented Solo Jazz Violinist Carolin Pook. Together with Enrique Carlsson, Alberto Herrero and Franziska Burchhardt she formed a string quartet to extend our sound exquisitely.

As the string arranger, I worked closely with composers Jan Lammert and Marissa Möller to meticulously craft, arrange, and notate the string parts. This new texture seamlessly blends in at times with the music, while at other times, it weaves its own distinct narratives, adding a new emotive layer.

In tandem with the live session, we birthed the Heaviness & Hopes EP, which features the three songs from the Livesession and the new title track “Heaviness and Hopes”. This EP is now available on Spotify and various other streaming platforms, inviting listeners into our artistic journey.

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